GETCO2 Industry Workshop

TIME: 12:30pm

WHEN: 30 July, 2024

LOCATION: ViewPoint Building (33), UQ St Lucia, Brisbane, Australia


The GETCO2 Industry Workshop is hosted by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Green Electrochemical Transformation of Carbon Dioxide (GETCO2) in conjunction with the official launch of the Centre at the University of Queensland’s Saint Lucia campus.

As a 7-year collaboration, GETCO2 is the world’s largest research endeavour focusing on electrochemical conversion of CO2 into useful products such as fuels and chemicals. GETCO2 will position Australia as a global leader in carbon dioxide transformation.

The workshop is open to industry professionals interested in decarbonisation and achieving Net Zero. We want to work together to convert CO2 into valuable products such as fuels and chemicals. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead as we strive to position Australia as a global leader in green CO2 conversion technology.

Date: Tuesday 30 July 2024
Time: 12pm for 12:30pm–4:30pm
Venue: The View Point Building (33), UQ St Lucia

Lunch and light refreshments will be served.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your sustainability challenges and learn about the exciting possibilities of transforming CO2 from a waste product into a resource!

Please contact us if you would like an invitation to the workshop:

Email - getco2@uq.edu.au