Flagship Program

Program 2

Flagship Program 2 – Organonitrogen compounds via carbon-nitrogen bond formation


Production of organonitrogen compounds commonly used as fertiliser, currently relies on ammonia manufactured from the energy-intensive and fossil-fuel-based Haber-Bosch process. Electrochemical CO2 electrolysis powered by renewable electricity offers a green solution that the world urgently needs for sustainable agriculture. However, product selectivity and energy efficiency are currently major hurdles in organonitrogen production via CO2 electrolysis.


Factors that govern electrochemical C-N bond formation will be revealed by mechanistic studies guided by computation. High throughput screening will deliver advanced electrocatalysts for organonitrogen compound synthesis and facilitate the discovery of electrocatalysts for direct N2 use. Full electrolysis cells will be tested and optimised under industrially relevant conditions for scale-up.

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