Theme 3

Theme 3 – Membranes


In CO2 electrolysers, membranes separate the cathode and anode chambers allowing selective exchange between them. Commercially available polymer membranes perform poorly with extended use, and there are significant gaps in understanding the complex transport mechanisms in these materials. Membranes can also be used ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ in CO2 conversion. Upstream membranes could enable CO2 conversion from dilute CO2 sources while downstream membrane separation can help harvest targeted products.


To develop high-performance membranes to achieve selective separation of ions and molecules crucial to CO2 electrolyser operation by establishing design and fabrication principles and operating regimes.


New characterisation and modelling tools will support the development of novel membranes with molecule-specific pore geometries and chemical functionality. New membranes with precise molecular separation abilities will have far-reaching industrial impacts in pharmaceutical, energy, environmental, petrochemical and clinical applications.

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