Theme 1

Theme 1 – Electrode & Electrolyser


Efficient, durable, and low-cost CO2 conversion requires integration of components which enables efficient transport and minimal resistance to the catalytic reactions at the electrodes. Challenges in electrolyser operation at the high current density required for practical applications include: (1) Access of CO2 to active catalyst sites, (2) Chemical and mechanical stability of components, and (3) High energy and economic costs of CO2 capture and product separation.


To identify and develop new electrode architectures and fabrication routes for integrated electrolyser designs via a deep understanding of gas/liquid/solid interfaces, mass and charge transport mechanisms and kinetics.


Fundamental understanding of the structure and dynamic stability of electrical double layers and gas bubbles will guide electrocatalyst, electrode and electrolyser designs, with knowledge translatable into other disciplines such as colloid and interface science. Outcomes are expected to inform other fields including fuel cells, photo(electro)catalysts for water splitting and microfluidics.

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