Theme 2

Theme 2 – Catalyst


Breaking the C=O bond in CO2 and subsequent formation of C-H, O-H and C-C bonds, occurs through a complex set of reaction pathways and intermediates, yielding a diverse range of products. Catalysts made from elements such as silver, tin and copper are used to increase selectivity and drive reactions to the desired products. Challenges for catalysts operating at high current densities required for industrial scale CO2 conversion include selectivity, activity, stability and cost.


To develop a suite of efficient catalysts from sustainable elements for synthesising high-value products from CO2 electrolysis, via a holistic understanding of mechanisms and standardised testing under industrially relevant conditions.


Mechanistic and kinetic models will inform a set of reliable benchmarks to assess and enhance real-world electrocatalyst performance at the system level. This will underpin the discovery and patenting of new electrocatalyst formulations and ionic liquids for CO2 conversion to high-value products.

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