Flagship Program

Program 3

Flagship Program 3 – Value-added co-products via anodic oxidation of organic compounds


Electrochemical CO2 reduction at the cathode is typically coupled with the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) at the anode. OER accounts for >90 % of electrical energy consumed by the CO2 electrolyser. Developing alternative anodic reactions other than OER to enhance the overall energy and process efficiency would be transformative.


A new strategy for replacing OER with organic compound oxidation will deliver a step-change in the energy efficiency and economics of CO2 electrolysers. A range of high-performance catalysts will be developed to greatly improve reactions, and novel flow-based electrolyser systems will be developed. Critical to the circular carbon economy, alternative chemical feedstocks will be established, consequently having a broad impact on manufacturing, agronomy and retail sectors.

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