Project: Exploring the fundamentals of biomass pre-treatments for tuning advanced materials used broadly in CO2 conversion

Academic lead: Professor Darren Martin
The University of Queensland

Biomass-derived advanced materials will be of critical importance in the field of sustainable CO2 capture and electrochemical conversion. These materials encompass carbons, nanocellulose, nanocomposite membranes and catalyst supports. 

However, to advance the performance of these materials, more specific green chemistry pre-treatments and scalable mechanical refining methods need to be developed. 

This project will explore the fundamentals of elegant sustainable chemistry pre-treatments (e.g. enzymatic, natural deep eutectic solvents (NDES)) as applied to sorghum lignocellulose feedstocks, so that we can better understand and “tune” a vast array of materials structure-property-relationships useful in CO2 conversion. 

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