Project: Hybrid Materials Development for Advanced Membrane Separation

Academic lead: Dr Jingwei Hou
The University of Queensland

PhD project description:

This project focuses on pushing the boundaries of CO2 separation membrane technology, aiming to address the growing challenges of extracting carbon dioxide from complex environments. Carbon dioxide emissions contribute significantly to global climate change, making effective separation technologies crucial for mitigating environmental impact. 

The key innovation lies in the development of Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) hybrid materials as a foundation for the next generation of CO2 separation membranes. MOFs, known for their high surface area and tunable properties, provide an ideal platform for enhancing the selectivity and permeability of membranes. By integrating MOFs into membrane structures, we aim to achieve unprecedented efficiency in separating CO2 from gas mixtures, particularly in complex industrial and natural settings. 

This project emphasizes the adaptation of CO2 separation membranes to diverse environments, including industrial processes and natural gas purification. The hybrid materials will be engineered to exhibit enhanced stability, durability, and selectivity, ensuring optimal performance in real-world applications. Additionally, the project explores novel methods for scaling up production processes to facilitate widespread adoption of these advanced membranes. 

By combining expertise in materials science, membrane technology, and environmental engineering, this research initiative seeks to contribute significantly to the global effort in reducing carbon emissions and advancing sustainable practices. Ultimately, the successful development and implementation of these CO2 separation membranes hold the potential to make a profound impact on the fight against climate change. 

Postdoctoral research opportunity:

We invite applications for a postdoctoral position in the field of hybrid materials development, with a primary focus on creating highly stable, scalable, and porous materials for membrane separation technologies. The project centers on the synthesis and characterization of porous glassy materials and glassy composite materials tailored for gas separation membranes. Our goal is to pioneer the development of advanced materials that not only exhibit exceptional gas separation performance but also possess the scalability and processability essential for industrial applications.

The successful candidate will spearhead research efforts in designing and fabricating innovative hybrid materials, leveraging the unique properties of glassy structures and properties. Special emphasis will be placed on achieving outstanding stability under challenging operational conditions. While the primary application is in gas separation membranes, the project ambitiously extends its reach to include ionic separation and catalysis applications, broadening the potential impact of these novel materials.

This interdisciplinary project provides an exciting opportunity to collaborate with experts in materials science, membrane technology, and chemical engineering. The selected postdoc will contribute to the forefront of research in sustainable and efficient separation processes, addressing pressing environmental challenges. Applicants with a strong background in materials synthesis, characterization, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of membrane technology are encouraged to apply. Join us in shaping the future of membrane separation with cutting-edge hybrid materials.

Contact Jingwei Hou ( for more information about PhD and Postdoctoral Research opportunities.

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